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anchoring thermal insulation


Spiral Anksys & ETICS

anchoring of contact thermal insulation



Spiral Anksys & Climasys

anchoring of contactless thermal insulation



Spiral Anksys & Sanasys ETICS

reparations and restoration insulating systems


Spiral Anksys & Sanasys Duplex

sanation and duplex isolation



Spiral Anksys & Low-energy houses

destined for low-energy and passive houses



Spiral Anksys & Wood construction

anchoring destined for wood constructions


Spiral Anksys & Heavy construction

anchoring of heavy duty constructions

Spiral Anksys®– anchoring system

The progressive anchoring system Spiral Anksys® is designed by ECORAW®   for anchoring the thermally insulating materials  based on a simple principle of filling the anchor Spiral Anksys®(SA)  with high-quality expanding polyurethane Spiral Anksys® Foam (SAF).


Such one-step procedure embraces affiliation of anchoring and adhesive gluing without occurence of condensing zones and thermal bridges.

Why to anchor with Spiral Anksys®

  • Unique, simple and universal application
  • Compliance with and certification according to ETAG standards
  • One anchoring and installation technique for all types of structures regardless of the conditions of the base material
  • Highly efficient combination of safety and durability
  • Anchoring of insulations without occurrence of thermal bridges
  • Fixation of the insulating material without necessity to level the base.
  • Shearing load transfer