Spiral Anksys® - highly efficient anchoring technique



Anchoring procedure for contact thermally insulating systems ETICS

Safe and highly efficient anchoring technique for insulating materials EPS, XPS, MI, PURA. Anchorage of discretionary insulating materials into all types of frames in compliance with ETAG 004.


Contactless isolating technology -  Climasys®

Contactless anchoring system with air gap with utilization of expansive flow at anchoring place.  Solid fixation designed  for all types of structures including uneven and incohesive surfaces.


Sanasys® ETICS - repairs and restoration of thermal insulating systems

Non-destructive and effective restoration technology that offers the possibility of elemination of problematic thermal insulating systems.


Sanasys® Duplex - doubling the thermally insulating systems

Doubling the thermally insulating systems is a technological procedure with the shearing load transfer ability, developed for the purpose of restoration and doubling the thermally insulating systems.


Effective anchoring technology for Interior insulation panels and wall heating system

Efficient anchoring without occurence of condensing zones and thermal bridges.


Anchoring technology for low-energy and pasive houses

Safe anchoring technology destined for multi-sized insulants stress resistance ability.


Heavy load building facades

Anchoring of bearing insulating layers for subsequent panelling.


Anchoring of framed structures for installation of ventilated facades

Fixation of timber gratings and frames  for instalation of thermal insulating boards.