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Spiral Anksys® - anchoring of contact thermally insulating systems  ETICS

The Spiral Anksys® anchoring system is designed for attaching thermal insulation boards of interior and exterior thermal insulation systems. The Spiral Anksys® technology is duly certified pursuant to valid European standards ETAG 004 and ETAG 014 for External thermal insulation composite systems. The Spiral Anksys® anchoring system replaces the usual mechanical anchors - board fasteners with either plastic or metal thorns.




The effectiveness of the Spiral Anksys® system is in the single anchoring system for all types of insulation, as well as for all kinds of surfaces. Thanks to the combination of the adhesive and anchoring function, a perfect and even attachment of each single anchor regardless of the surface consistence is provided. Dilation of the anchoring connection is also provided, which prevents vibrations and wind suction from occurring.


Anchore type: Spiral Anksys® 15+
Foam type: Spiral Anksys® Foam SAF 01
Min. characteristic carrying capacity: 0,5 kN according to TO 11/0155
Safety index: 2 according to TO 11/0155
Heat transfer: according to method of application 0,0 - 1,4 mW/K
Informative anchor consumption (SA):  cca 6 pieces/m2