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Spiral Anksys® - high load facade anchoring


Architects, developers and/or investors often request insulation to be installed with specific outer panelling and/or coating, which can present an additional load to the outer wall of several dozens of kilograms per square meter.  

Such applications require a highly effective anchoring, able to resist shearing loads and thus protecting the insulation from both the weather, as well as the weight of the whole insulation system itself.

Armed anchoring points based on the combination of a Spiral Anksys® (SA) anchoring system and the special Spiral Anksys® Foam (SAF) filler are a very unique solution for such requirements. The anchoring systems are certified for shearing loads in the insulation material, which enables to use systems for the anchoring of insulation layers, which serve as the supporting element of the final panelling. 


The firm fixation and dilation of each single anchoring point enables the attachment of either stone or brick panelling, as well as special mortars or wooden facades to the insulation boards.

Klinker Spiral Anksys