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Spiral Anksys® - development and certification of the anchoring system


The Spiral Anksys® anchoring system undergoes long-term tests and is subsequently certified by technical certification offices pursuant to the provisions of European and national standards for the anchoring of thermal insulation boards. The Spiral Anksys® is certified for anchoring insulation into all categories of constructions pursuant to the requirements of the ETAG 014 and ETAG 004 Standards.



Spiral Anksys certifikace


Temperature and humidity influences, as well as long term and combined loads are tested. The Spiral Anksys® systems are tested in dynamic tests and tests of cyclic loads, as well as in a static foam block test. Within certification, loads in individual materials pursuant to the provisions of the ETAG 004 standard are tested.


Resistance to air suction

The Spiral Anksys® technology is certified for anchoring thermal insulation systems pursuant to the ETAG 004 and ETAG 014 standards, whereas they are able to resist air suction. With regard to this, test of both extraction from the construction, as well as the insulation are tested. The minimum required effectiveness is 0.5 kN and the safety coefficient is 2.


Resistance to cyclic loads – impact of repeated loads

Thanks to its principle of adhesion and anchoring combination, the Spiral Anksys® anchoring system is able to resist even cyclic loads in dynamic tests very effectively. Even after 100 000 cycles is the anchoring point firmly fixing the insulation and resisting to vibrations even in problematic, highly uneven and/or highly incoherent surfaces.  The Spiral Anksys® technology provides maximum safety for thermal insulation systems and a long life span.


Resistance to shearing loads

The Spiral Anksys® technology is also tested for shearing and combined loads. Armed connections based on the Spiral Anksys® anchors and high-quality Spiral Anksys® Foam anchoring expansive filler resist to shearing loads of up to 1 000 N per anchoring point. Such parameters enable a firm and safe fixation of the insulation layer also in conditions, when standard concrete-based adhesives fail.


Within the scope of certification, these anchoring systems are also tested for resistance to temperature and humidity influences, specification of the specific load - extraction from the construction, influence of temperature in application, fire resistance and heat transfer in the anchoring point.



Trade mark: Spiral Anksys®
Anchor type: Spiral Anksys® +15 (SA)
Filling foam: Spiral Anksys® Foam (SAF)
Carrying capacity:  Min. 0,5 kN according to TO 11/0155
Shearing load: Min. 1,0 kN according to TO 11/0155
Assurance coefficient Ym: 2,0
Minimal thickness of insulant:

80 mm (without SSAF - 0 cm2) / 50 mm (at SSAF - min. 50 cm2)

Maximální tloušťka izolace hfix,max: 300 mm (for type SA 15+)
Type of construction: A,B,C,D,E according to ETAG 014
Technical approval: TO 11/0155
Authorized subject: TSUS Bratislava, EOTA member
Intradepartmental control certification: SK04-ZSV-1592