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Purpose and advantages of Spiral Anksys® technology


Safeness and durability of isolations

Grouted anchor = 100%  anchoring effect

Anchoring regardless of the base cohesion

Air suction, vibrafon and load resistibility

Simple and universal application technique

No screwing and nailing

Flush mounting (no plugs)

Highly efficient combination of gluing and anchoring effects

Elimination of insulation board folding

Self-flattening ability

One anchoring principle for all types of insulations, compositions, frames and bases

Anchoring destined for ABCDE bases (ETAG 004)

Anchoring designed for poriferous and cohesionless surfaces

Anchoring  for perforeted and cavernous materials

Anchoring of heavy duty facades

Shearing load transfer certification

Weight  shifting up to  1000 N /anchoring place

Strong fixation, dilatation of the anchoring connection protects insulation against vibrations

Anchoring of insulations without occurrence of thermal bridges

Anchor insulating  with expanding foam

Anchoring without heat transfer