Spiral Anksys® Foam (SAF) - expanding foam


For filling the anchors Spiral Anksys® inserted into the anchoring place with foam, only the specially designed polyurethane foams delivered by the company ECORAW®  in pressurized cartridges 750 ml shall be used exclusively. To fill the anchor with foam, it is possible to use a tubular hose applicator; the hose applicator shall correspond to the length of the anchor to ensure the anchoring place is filled with foam throughout the whole length. Spiral Anksys® technology is based on the long-term development and verification in the area of building insulations and with its technical properties and parameters is destined for this purpose.

Delivered expanding foams Spiral Anksys® (SAF) are noted for their specific features including temperature of application, volumetric weight, temperature and chemical resistance,  adhesiveness, rigid stability and thermally-technical isolating parameters. Spiral Anksys® Foam (SAF) is an integral part of each package of Spiral Anksys®. Substitution is inaccessible!


Spiral Anksys Foam


Spiral Anksys® Foam (SAF01) - foam for anchoring of thermally insulating systems

Trademark name: Spiral Anksys® Foam (SAF01)
Distributor: ECORAW.RDP, s.r.o.
Manufacturer: SOUDAL N.V., Everdongenlaan 18-20, B-2300 Turnhout, Belgium
Purpose: expanding polyuretane foam for anchors Spiral Anksys® +15
Basis: polyurethane
Foam nature: thixotropic (it does not flow down even in low temperatures)
Quantity: 750 ml
Substance: approximately 35 anchoring places (in dependence on isolations, frames and climatic conditions)
Applicator: tubular applicator  with CFC (diameter- 7/5 mm, lenght La+20 mm)
Expiration: 16 months
Temperature range for application:  from -5°C up to + 30°C
Temperature resistance: from -40°C up to +90° C
Hardening system: humidity (if the humidity is lower, we recommend irrigation))
Packing: 12 pieces / cardboard box
Technical leaflet: TL_ESAF_01_2011
Declaration of Conformity: PS_ESAF_01_2011
Precaution leaflet: BL_ESAF_01_2011
Storage: In vertical position, durability: 16 months, storing conditions: Keep out of warm and freezing temperatures inclusive of transportation. Do not store at temperatures below +5°C and above +25°C. The manufacturing date and expiry date is listed on the cover.


Informative consumption of Spiral Anksys® Foam (SAF01)

Overview of anchors Spiral Anksys® filled with foam from one cartridge Spiral Anksys® foam 750 ml.
The real consumption depends on the type of frame  and concrete thermal insulating system.


Air temperature

Length of the anchor Spiral Anksys®

100-140 mm 160-200 mm 220-300 mm
20 °C 40 35 30
5 °C 35 30 25
0 °C 30 25 20
-5 °C 25 20 15