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Spiral Anksys® - highly efficient anchoring technique


The progressive technology Spiral Anksys® for anchorage of insulating materials with its technical properties and parameters belongs to the most important products of the company ECORAW®. The Spiral Anksys® anchoring system was developed as a self-supporting construction element able to take over the loads of the insulation system in situations, when local or large-scale incoherence of the surface is present for any reason whatsoever.


Spiral Anksys® - anchoring principle and function

In a difficult process of improving the qualities of our system, we achieved to develop a very simple procedure, in which the Spiral Anksys® (SA) anchor is filled with the Spiral Anksys® Foam (SAF) expansive filler foam. This procedure changes the whole anchoring procedure, as it interconnects all the elements and combines the adhesion and anchoring processes into one single operation, without creating any thermal bridges and/or condensation zones.

The Spiral Anksys® anchoring system is easy to apply, highly effective, long lasting and above all, very safe to be used with any kind of thermal insulation (regardless of the insulation adhesion method). The high effectiveness of the Spiral Anksys® anchoring system eliminates all risks related to poor quality of the surface and/or its low coherence and enables anchoring to be conducted in a wide spectrum of materials (hollow bricks, honeycomb profiles, sandwich elements, porous concrete, foam concrete, etc.).


ECORAW® technologies and patent protection


All realization procedures and technologies are intellectual property of the company ECORAW® and have patent protection with the international treaty on patent co-operation PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) in over 135 countries of the world.